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I have a small'92 Bigfoot on a Mazda B4000 which handles it very well. This is a very good, high quality camper that I sometimes use for work in the Chilcotin in winter as well as recreationally. Though small it has everything we need and with the 4X4 truck with winch can get into some difficult places. The heater failed me at minus 35 this winter, though, because I ran the battery down. I replaced the battery and am thinking of installing solar. Anyone have more info. on that?

~ Review by David Williams, March 16, 2011

ANSWER: Solar charging kits are designed to keep your batteries charged. Full batteries give you the freedom to run lights, furnaces, fans and other DC appliances without the worry of running out of power. Solar kits are virtually maintenance free and are designed to give you uninterrupted power. Ideal for long term dry camping. In this case it will depend on how large of a solar panel could be installed and how large of a battery bank the unit has. That will effect how much DC power will be available to you and for how long.
~ Therron Romanovitch - Service Manager / Mike Rosman RV

I have had a slide-in truck camper for 20 years, have got my first bigfoot camper, mfg 12-97. My concern is when it's on the truck it has a hump in the floor about the end of the truck bed which is a 8' bed. Is this something that needs to be fixed, if so how? THANKS TROUT
~ Review by Trout Felts, December 10, 2010

ANSWER: I think your best bet would be to call Mike Rosman RV Sales as they have been a Bigfoot Dealer for 20 years (they are only about 20 minutes from the Bigfoot plant) and should be able to help you. The toll free number to their service department is 1-800-667-0024. If that doesn't work call Mike Rosman himself toll free at 1-800-811-8733 he is very knowledgeable. I hope that helps. Let us know how it works out for you.
~ Pat Irwin - Web Manager / Bigfoot

Have a 2003 Bigfoot 10.5 on a Dodge Ram 2500. So far all around Washington and Oregon. Hope to retire next summer. Then who knows.
~ Review by Loren & Cheree' Vixie, September 28, 2010

We're on our second Bigfoot camper and it's taken us from Fairbanks to Key West, Eastport to Cabo and lots of places in between. We love it.
~ Review by Claus G, September 14, 2010

Hi! My husband and I are avid campers and love our Bigfoot Camper! I’m a custom baker and really enjoy my work – especially when I can make a Bigfoot Camper in cake!! My sister and brother-in-law own a Bigfoot Camper, too, and I thought making my sister-in-law a bigfoot camper cake for her birthday would be a blast! And it was! Barb’s birthday was last weekend and we had all the family gather (in their campers) on our property for a get-together! Saturday night we presented the cake for dessert and it was a hit! I’ve attached some pictures for you to see – no truck, unfortunately, since I had wedding cakes to also do for the weekend and just didn’t have the time allowed! But next time, I will!

Bigfoot Camper Cake by Cakes Galore  Bigfoot Camper Cake by Cakes Galore
~ Review by Deb Turner of Cakes Galore, August 16, 2010,

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I don't own a Bigfoot Camper yet but I am very glad to hear that they are back in production. I have heard so many great things about Bigfoot RV and will taking a look for myself soon I hope. Does anybody know if they are producing travel trailers aswell?
~ Review by Pete Marsh, August 28, 2010

ANSWER: Yes Pete, the word is that they will be producing Bigfoot Trailers, however we are not sure when the production date is. You can go to and on that site there is a form that will allow you to put your information in and be notified whenever there is news about the bigfoot trailers. Hope that helps.
~ Pat Irwin - Web Manager / Bigfoot

Traded up from a Casita 17 ft to the 21FB. Just love it. Just right for my wife and me. Only mod done was to add a air over water accumulator (2 gallon) to reduce the cycling of the water pump.
~ Review by John, August 20, 2010

We just purchased a nearly new 25B21RB from a dealer in Montreal who said it was a repo and never used. Judging from the condition it hadn't seen much use if any. First trip is Sept to Bar Harbour Me from out home in Ottawa. We sold our 17 foot Casits to move up to the Bigfoot. Has it 4 days but so far very happy with the trailer. Incredible build quality. Hope you get back to building them again.
~ Review by Chalmers Reed, August 22, 2010

I have owned two previous 2500 series Big Foot campers and now I'm looking for my third. I LOVE THEM.
~ Review by D Gerrren, Source: The Roaming Times

I owned and even lived in a Bigfoot truck camper for a period. Really good quality and like it says in the review, an amazing use of the space.
~ Review by Kenny N, Source: The Roaming Times

These campers are really cool. I've looked at a few of them now and I'm definitely tending to the Bigfoot.
~ Review by Tony 7612, Source: The Roaming Times

We Love our Bigfoot Truck camper. We have more space, setup is faster, a much better camper all the way around. We use it a lot more then we used others campers we have had and can go more places. WE LOVE our Bigfoot.
~ Review by Chartmarker, Source:

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